Sunday, January 02, 2005

Jade, Coral and Lapis Brooches and Pins

If glittery brooches and pins are not your style, carved precious gemstones might be your necessary accessory to pin on your lapel, waist, or chapeau. The richness of the gem's color is the key to an opulent, yet understated, piece of fine jewelry.

Our new line of carved precious gemstone brooches are all hand-carved, and created from gemstone quality coral, lapis lazuli, and jade. Each carving is of entirely natural color, as well as hand-carved, and hand-buffed to achieve the high shine and luster in each piece.

Twinkling star-like brilliants, with a total carat weight of 0.50 ct, form the flower centers and scintillate in the deep salmon red coral carving. Measuring 2" x 2" and finished in 14K yellow gold, the brooch can best be described as a piece of heaven and earth.

A deeper, more intense red coral is found in the butterfly brooch and the red flower brooch. Simple in line, but rich in color and shape, both these brooches are exquisite accessories which add a sharp color accent to any outfit. Hand-carved delicate pink coral flowers in a 14K yellow gold brooch are a timeless piece of fine jewelry.

Red Coral Butterfly

Red Coral Flowers

Delicate Pink Coral Flowers

The line of carved coral brooches is made of fine Italian coral from the Mediterranean Sea. Coral, unlike diamond and other mined gems, is an organic gem, found in the depths of the sea. Severe pollution of the world's oceans contributes to the increased rarity of high quality coral.

The blue lapis lazuli brooch is a hand-carved singular piece of jewelry. Backed in 14K yellow gold, this understated bijou is precious in its simplicity and richness. Historically used in artwork of churches and palaces, superior quality lapis lazuli is found in the Kush mountains of Afghanistan.

Blue Lapis lazuli Flowers

Green jade carvings are formed into wearable art, in the form of a spectacular green jade pendant, and a green jade brooch. Unfinished deep green jade drops for earrings, and a multi-color jade bird carving are perfect objects for the jewelry designer to create singular fine jewelry for the discerning customer.

Bird Carving in Jade