Friday, January 07, 2005

Regal South Sea Pearls & Exotic Tahitian Pearls

Sensual South Sea pearls make a splash without being ostentatious. Unlike glittery gems, South Sea pearls are a sort of quiet opulence. Splashy without the splash. Opulent without bright lights. South Sea pearls - perfect for the affluent, independent, hard working woman who craves sophisticated understated luxury.

Spinning South Sea pearl ring

South Sea pearl necklace

detachable South Sea pearl earrings

The South Sea pearl, the queen of cultured pearls, is larger than the Akoya pearl. With an average size between 11 and 14 mm, South Sea pearls pearls over 16 mm are considered exceptionally large. Produced by Pinctada maxima, a saltwater oyster measuring over a foot in diameter, South Sea pearls are cultivated mostly in the waters of Australia.

Nacre coating of South Sea pearls is thicker than other cultured pearls due to their longer cultivation period. Besides thicker nacre, South Sea pearls are less perfectly round than Akoya pearls, but magnificent and very costly. Silvery-white color is highly desirable, as is pinkish white, and golden tones. Although more expensive than other pearls, the thick nacre
of South Sea pearls ensures that they may be worn and enjoyed for many generations.

Black Tahitian pearl necklace

Platinum gray Tahitian pearl necklace

Tahitian pearls are saltwater black pearls which are cultivated in the black-lipped oyster, Pinctada margaritifera, in lagoons off Tahiti. Tahitian pearls, ranging from gray to black in color, are the most desirable. It can take many years to harvest enough black pearls matching in color, shape and size, to make a necklace. With colors ranging from platinum gray to multi-hued "peacock" black, Tahitian pearls are exotic and luxurious. Although such sizes are rare, Tahitian pearls may be as large as 20 mm, but the average size ranges from
8 to 12 mm.

Consider South Sea pearls and Tahitian pearls for quiet sophisticated luxury, and a wise investment.