Sunday, January 09, 2005

Tiger Eye, Lapis, Amethyst, Rose Quartz & Pearl Twist Necklaces

The one word which most captures the fashion spirit of 2005 is eclectic. Elegant and more ordinary fabrics are meant to be mixed in outfits: jeans pair with velvets and silks, cashmere with tweed, heavy wool with thin silk. So too with jewelry: the mix of different gems, as opposed to a matched set, is the look to create.

Tiger Eye, Pearl and Gold Bead Multi-Row Necklace

Multi-row necklaces composed of a mix of pearl and tiger eye, or amethyst rose quartz, and gold beads, or black onyx and white pearl held with a mother-of-pearl and onyx clasp, or lapis and pearl, are just a few examples of electic gem mixes.

Amethyst, Biwa Pearl and Gold Bead Necklace

Consider creating gem mixes based on shape or color, rather than gem type. In this way, amethyst earrings might be worn with a lavender jade bracelet. A tiger eye, pearl and gold necklace might be worn with gold and green jade earrings.

Multi-Strand Lapis lazuli and Pearl Necklace