Sunday, January 02, 2005

Vintage Diamond and Platinum Brooches and Pins

Big glittery brooches, this season's fashion statement, can also be instant heirlooms if composed of precious metals and gems, and purchased from a reputable dealer. Vintage brooches from the 1920s through the 1940s which are composed of diamonds set in platinum offer a combination
of "now" glitter and future investment.

We seek out well-designed platinum and diamond or other gemstone jewelry with an eye to investment value, for discerning customers.

When we select estate jewelry, we place particular emphasis on design, the quality of the stones, and the workmanship. We make sure that stones are not broken or chipped. The pieces we select are in excellent condition, of superior quality, and in its original form, as it was from 60 to 100 years ago.

If you can afford to wear one of these beauties, the best part is defining your own eclectic look by combining the vintage with the new. The challenge is in finding new and vintage items that work well together and allow each piece to shine in its own right.

Leaf and Flower Brooch

Diamond and Platinum Brooch from 1930s

Brooch with Center Sapphire from 1920s

Antique Diamond and Platinum Pendant on Akoya Pearls