Monday, February 14, 2005

Rare Gems: Natural Burmese Sapphires

As the aged wine is to the oeniphile, so the gem quality natural sapphire is to the gem aficiando.

Rare, and becoming rarer daily, certified non-heat treated sapphires are a connoisseur's dream. In particular, transparent deep blue sapphires from Burma (Myanmar) are a disappearing gem.

Not heat treated blue Burmese sapphire
Platinum Ring with 6.28 ct Natural Burmese Sapphire

The combination of demand for intense color gems and technological ability have given rise to the common practice of heat treatment of precious gems. Heat treatment is commonly applied in order to increase color depth and hue, effectively continuing the process started by nature. Gems achieve their color vibrancy and intensity in the earth under conditions of extreme pressure and heat. Gems which have natural deep hues have been in the earth for a far longer time than gems with less intense color. Mines can improve profitability by mining gems sooner rather than later.

The round shape, with a combined brilliant and step cut, transparent deep blue 6.28 carat Burmese sapphire pictured here is a superb example of a gem that was mined at the point of perfection. Like a sublimely aged wine, opened at the peak of maturation, this natural sapphire was plucked from the depths of the earth at the zenith of heat and pressure application.

Accompanied by a certificate from the renowned Gubelin Gemmological Laboratory attesting to its rare properties and prestigious provenance, this rare sapphire represents an excellent combination of investment and beauty. The natural Burma sapphire is a bijou to be worn with elan by a discerning connoisseur.