Saturday, March 26, 2005

Coral Jewelry For Spring

A recent article by in The Washington Post describes the latest rage: Coral Jewelry or Reef Madness. Journalist Alexandra Peers explains that prices are rising for jewelry featuring this rare organic gem. With a very real concern about the disappearing supply of quality coral, buyers are snapping up jewelry with any and all shades of coral, explained gemologist David Killen. Coral carvings, popular in the 1940s when soldiers brought them home from Europe, are once again desirable.
The article explains that,
... recently, harvesting of coral has been sharply curtailed, giving vintage pieces a particular appeal.
Peers gives this tip for ensuring you buy genuine coral:
How to spot real coral from fake? Real coral has lines underneath that intersect, very much like the grain in ivory. Another "tell": Real coral generally is mounted in silver or gold. Faux isn't.

Vibrant red coral brooches, delicate pink white coral carved earrings, angel skin beads, smooth salmon cabochons are tender organic jewels. Cared for lovingly, coral gems are instant heirlooms.

Genuine Italian coral. Not treated or dyed. As the oceans of the world become increasingly polluted, coral is a disappearing gem. Top quality coral is difficult to find.
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As always, our prices are a fraction of retail so that your fine jewelry purchase is a luxury piece to bedazzle and very likely, an investment.

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Italian Pink Carved Coral & Diamond Flower Pin/Brooch: $400

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