Monday, May 09, 2005

The Imperial Gem: Jade Necklace

Jadeite 15 mm beads in a 20" necklace are composed with an 18K yellow gold diamond studded ball clasp with side cups hugging the adjoining beads. The large uniform size of the jade beads render this necklace a magnificent piece of imperial gem jewelry.

Jadeite Necklace

Long revered by the Chinese, jade is a symbol of high rank and authority even today in China. Jade or jadeite, comes in a range of colors including black, green, mottled green, lavendar, orange, pink, white. Not to be confused with the far less expensive nephrite, jade/jadeite was the most sought after by the Chinese from the 1700s onward -- and it comes from Burma (Myanmar). Caution must be taken when buying jade. Look-alikes may include serpentine, nephrite, dyed quartz, soapstone. Genuine jade is a hard gem and is graded 7 on Mohs' scale.