Monday, January 10, 2005

Mabe Pearls: Affordable High Luster

Mabe pearls offer a cost-effective way to wear oversize pearl jewelry. Mabe pearl earrings in a lively white high luster pearl compliment the complexion and add highlights. Worn close to the face, in a choice of gold rims, gold with diamond rims, or rimless, mabe pearls in sizes usually starting at 15 mm can be an effective way to make your jewelry work for you. Mabes can give you a large and attractive look at an affordable price.

Double Mabe Earrings

White Mabes Rimmed in Black Onyx Earrings

Mabe pearls are dome-shaped pearls, available in different shapes including heart, pear, round, and rectangular.

Mabe pearls are assembled pearls, produced by the oyster Pteria penguin. Usually half-round shape, these fragile pearls are created by filling a hollow blister and backing it with mother-of-pearl. Since mabe pearls are assembled pearls, it is important that the nacre be thick. Thick nacre will ensure a long-lasting pearl as well as deepen the pearl's luster. Chalky lusterless pearls will not last long, and certainly will not impart the iridescence and high color that make mabe pearls so exquisite.
White Mabes Encircled by Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold Earrings

Pear Shape Mabe Earrings

Pear Shape Mabe Earrings with Diamond Rim

Mabe Pearl & Diamond Cocktail Ring

Mabe Pearl & Black Jade Ring

White Mabes Encircled by Diamonds in 18K Yellow Gold Earrings