Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelets: The Subtle Accessory

Unless you go around jangling your wrist to emphasize your point, or to emphasize your fabulous pearl bracelet, bracelets are simply less visible than earrings and necklaces. And that is one of the features of a bracelet that I find beneficial: you don't always want to be obvious with your fine jewelry. Sometimes less is more. A multi-row Japanese Akoya cultured pearl bracelet with a finely fashioned gold and diamond clasp speaks loudly in a quiet way. Such a piece quietly completes a look. Take a look at the pearl bracelets in our collection. Whether you prefer the more casual single-row bracelets or the dressier multi-row bracelets with large clasps, the pearls are all of high quality with thick nacre which in turn imparts a high luster. Each bracelet has well-matched pearls which are hand-strung and hand-knotted on silk thread. If properly cared for, these pearls will last for generations.

Thick nacre pearls in 7 mm and 7.5 mm comprise this 3-row Akoya cultured pearl bracelet.
Enhanced by the 18K yellow gold bow clasp with a total weight of 84 pts of diamonds, the
bracelet is a show stopper.
Multi-row Akoya pearl bracelet
Akoya Cultured Pearl Bracelet with Bow-shape 18K Gold Clasp

Gem-studded dividers are placed around this lustrous 4-row bracelet of 5 mm--5.5 mm Japanese Akoya pearls, emanating quiet chic.
4-row Akoya pearl bracelet
4-Row Akoya Pearl Bracelet

The vintage platinum and diamond clasp signed and numbered by Cartier dates back to the 1930s. This one of a kind bracelet has eight (8) rows of well-matched 2.5 mm--3 mm lustrous pearls with thick nacre and high luster.
Cartier Platinum and Diamond Clasp on Akoya Pearl Bracelet
Cartier Platinum and Diamond Clasp on Akoya Pearl Bracelet

A single strand Japanese Akoya pearl bracelet of 6.5 mm--7 mm pearls finished with an 18K yellow gold hugging clasp.
Single Row Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet
Single Row Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet

This stunning 3-row pearl bracelet is completed with the 18K yellow gold diamond studded clasp. The thick nacre, clean pearls are well-matched and have high luster.
3-Row Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet with Diamond Studded 18K Clasp

3-Row Japanese Akoya Pearl Bracelet with Diamond Studded 18K Clasp

Cultured Pearl Buying and Care Facts

Nacre is a layer of pearl which grows around the pearl. The longer the pearl is in the oyster or mollusk, the thicker the nacre becomes, imparting a luminous luster to the pearl. A sign of a pearl with thin nacre can be seen by signs of peeling around the hole where the pearl is strung. Dull, lifeless pearls are also a sign of a pearl which was harvested too early. Avoid pearls which are harvested too early, which although less expensive, have thin nacre, peel, and are lifeless and dull.

When buying a pearl bracelet or necklace, be sure the pearls are individually hand-knotted on silk thread. Individual knots between pearls protects them from rubbing one against the other and minimizes potential pearl loss in case the strand breaks or tears. Depending on the frequency of wear, pearls should be restrung by a reputable jeweler on a periodic basis in order to avoid having a pearl necklace or bracelet tearing or breaking. After wearing pearls wipe them with a soft cloth to eliminate oils or creams which would have been transferred from your skin to the pearls. To best protect your pearls, store them wrapped in a soft cloth, separate from your gold and precious metal jewelry.

With such care, good quality pearls will last for generations!