Friday, February 11, 2005

Regal South Sea Pearl Rings

Whereas Akoya pearls have a size range starting at a tiny 1 mm and going to a maximum of 11 mm, South Sea pearls are just starting out at 10 mm, and may go as high as 20 mm. South Sea pearls, the mother of pearls are regal and queenly. Also called the silver-lip or gold-lip oyster depending on the color of the shell lip, the giant size oyster, Pinctada maxima found in the South Seas, cultures the South Sea pearl.

Unlike the flash statement of diamonds, South Sea pearls are a subtle flash of pow. Combining the flash of diamonds and subtlety of the South Sea pearl, this ring features a center band of diamonds in 14K yellow gold.

Spinning South Pearl Ring
Spinning South Sea Pearl Ring

With just a single South Sea pearl on a slim gold band the emphasis in this ring is clearly on the magnificient regal pearl. No further embellishment is needed.
South Sea Pearl Ring
South Sea Pearl Ring

Freshwater Pearl Bracelets: An Inexpensive Subtle Accessory

Freshwater pearls come in a large selection of shapes, colors, and sizes. If you are careful to choose top quality freshwater pearls, they will also have high luster and even a play of colors and shimmer, otherwise called iridescence.

The thing about freshwater pearls is that they are far less expensive than the cultured pearls first developed by Mikimoto, the Japanese Akoya pearl. With the exception of the Biwa pearl which comes from Lake Biwa in Japan, most freshwater pearls come from China. Freshwater pearls require a shorter incubation period in the mollusk, a factor which contributes to their less expensive price. A unique and secret method of dyeing pearls while inside the shell has brought about good quality colored pearls. Not to be confused with natural black Tahitian pearls from the black lipped oyster, pearls that are dyed while still in the shell have a long-lasting rich color which does not fade or change.

Take a look at this pinkish/white freshwater pearl bracelet. The pearls are a chunky 9.5 mm. With a simple 14K white gold filigree clasp, the emphasis here is on the large irregularly-shaped pearls, or baroque shape pearls.
Single row freshwater pearl bracelet
Single-row freshwater pearl bracelet

Each strand of this 3-row freshwater pearl bracelet is composed of delicate 2.5 mm pearls. Held by an exceptional 1940s vintage 14K engraved and embossed yellow gold clasp, topped with turquoise cabochons, the bracelet is a stunning one-of-a-kind
piece of jewelry.
3-row freshwater pearl bracelet
3-Row Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Vintage 14K Clasp

This 6-row freshwater pearl bracelet has a combination of pearl shapes. Silvery nugget pearls, striated oval pearls, and large baroque pearls are composed with a vintage 14K white gold bar clasp to form a singular bracelet.
6-row freshwater Pearl Bracelet
6-Row Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Freshwater pearl bracelets offer an inexpensive subtle accessory. Paired with an interesting or perhaps vintage clasp in 14K gold, these bracelets offer a high style off-beat look.