Monday, March 28, 2005

Big Bold Color Necklaces & Bracelets For Spring

Big bold color is in for Spring. And while brooches and pins can make a strong statement and pull together your look, the latest fashion statement is the necklace and the bracelet. But not just any necklace or bracelet - no, we are looking for bold, multi-strand necklaces with strong colors and shapes. The ideal necklace and bracelet will be multi-row and might have a mixture of gems, pearls and gold composed with a chunky, unusual clasp.
Elise Rambaud of quotes Ginger Yowell, store director of Julian Gold
bold multi-strand jewelry with large irregular-shaped beads and stones such as turquoise, coral and various natural wood tones also are popular,... Gold jewelry is bigger than sliver this year, Delicate layered gold necklaces with stones and coins as well as stacked bangle bracelets are among the trends.
Tanika White of The Baltimore Sun in the style column of the Tallahassee Democrat quotes Jodi Brodie, co-owner of Treasure House in Owings Mills, Md.,
For spring, it's just necklaces galore. The big thing about necklaces right now is layering. Layering pearl with gold, or silver with gold, or wooden beads or turquoise beads with gold or silver necklaces.

11-strand Red Coral & Biwa Pearl Necklace with Large 14k Gold Frontpiece Clasp

Pink & Lavender Rose Quartz and Amethyst Chunky Necklace

Chunky Raw Gem Bracelet

Baroque Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Round Filigree 14K White Gold Clasp

Lapis & Engraved 14K Gold Bangle Bracelet in Square Shape