Friday, April 22, 2005

Vintage Intaglio Cameo Jewelry

Just a short note to let cameo collectors know about two unusual intaglio cameo pieces for sale. Both pieces were acquired at estate sales and are over 50 years old.

The male profile in orange agate is mounted on a 14K gold ring.
The intaglio image in the ring is of a profile of a curly-haired bearded man with a band around his forehead. His demeanor is regal, and he has the look of a monarch. The large size of the agate - 21 mm x 27 mm - makes an impressive ring for a man or a woman.

Vintage 14K Agate Male Intaglio Cameo Ring

This black agate intaglio female cameo sits in an 18K gold revolving frame. Strung on a choker length black silk rope, the pendant is a striking piece of vintage jewelry.

Vintage Black Cameo Pendant Intaglio in 18K Twist Frame