Monday, May 09, 2005

8mm 2-row Akoya Pearl Bracelet

8 mm 2-row Akoya Pearl Bracelet
This stunning pearl bracelet with 7.5 mm and 8 mm Akoya cultured pearls is hand knotted on silk in two rows. The pearls are clean and well-matched with a high luster, and silvery pink color. Superb iridescence. The bracelet is composed with an antique-looking buckle clasp in 18K white gold. The diamond-studded clasp has 31 diamonds with a total carat weight of 0.48 ct. Note the detail of 18K white gold spacing bars between groups of pearls. These delicate bars further ensure that the pearls do not chafe and rub.

Mabe Pearl Earrings in Yellow & White 14K Gold

Mabe Pearl Earrings in Yellow & White 14K Gold

High luster 14 mm mabe pearls in diamond studded yellow and white 14K gold are like a mini facelift. Nothing beats the lustrous iridscence of superior quality pearls when it comes to livening and enhancing your complexion. Close to the face, the irreplaceable inner glow of these organic gems is subtletly transferred to the wearer.

This stunning pair of mabe pearl earrings is a combination of lustrous mabe pearls rimmed in braided yellow and white gold that is studded with 1.75 carats of diamonds.

Lustrous, iridescent, thick nacre inner glow pearls - a woman's necessary accessory.

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Japanese Akoya Pearl & Diamond Stud Earrings

Japanese Akoya Pearl & Diamond Stud Earrings
A pair of 9 mm almost flawless creamy white Akoya pearls tipped with lively brilliants mounted in 4-pronged 18K yellow gold, hug the face. High luster white pearls, sparkling diamonds and the richness of 18 karat yellow gold combine to create a stunning complement to skin tone and features. An almost basic accessory, these earrings are elegant yet can be worn daytime into evening.

Treat yourself - you are worth it.

Topaz Green Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Brown Freshwater Pearl Necklace
A lustrous, iridescent freshwater pearl necklace, this unusual piece of fine jewelry is composed genuine pearls that are 10 mm square and an exotic topaz brown-green color. The 18" necklace is finished with a 14K square yellow gold clasp with a center pearl.

The look is baroque, slightly chunky/funky -- and altogether fresh and different. Pearls are dyed before they are harvested, while still inside the mollusk by a proprietary method. Such color treatment ensures that the color does not wear off. Hard to believe these are real pearls, but they are 100% genuine cultured freshwater pearls. Nothing faux here.

Dark Green Jade Bracelet

Jade Bracelet with Agate Clasp

This 2-row dark green jade bracelet is composed with a vintage agate and pearl clasp set in 14K yellow gold. Gold spacers have been placed in sections of the bracelet to further enhance these 10 mm jade beads. Hand-knotted on silk to protect the beads, the bracelet is a generous 7.75" in length. The braided gold on this finely detailed vintage clasp encircles small pearls and a large dark green center agate cabochon.

The Imperial Gem: Jade Necklace

Jadeite 15 mm beads in a 20" necklace are composed with an 18K yellow gold diamond studded ball clasp with side cups hugging the adjoining beads. The large uniform size of the jade beads render this necklace a magnificent piece of imperial gem jewelry.

Jadeite Necklace

Long revered by the Chinese, jade is a symbol of high rank and authority even today in China. Jade or jadeite, comes in a range of colors including black, green, mottled green, lavendar, orange, pink, white. Not to be confused with the far less expensive nephrite, jade/jadeite was the most sought after by the Chinese from the 1700s onward -- and it comes from Burma (Myanmar). Caution must be taken when buying jade. Look-alikes may include serpentine, nephrite, dyed quartz, soapstone. Genuine jade is a hard gem and is graded 7 on Mohs' scale.

South Sea Pearl Ring

Throughout the ages pearls have been equated with Elegance, Beauty and Status.

South Sea Pearl in 18K Ring
The South Sea pearl ring is a vivid example of the stunning simplicity inherent in pearl jewelry.

The 12 mm thick nacre, high luster white South Sea pearl sits in an 18K yellow gold rosebud with nine brilliants (0.18 tct) embedded into the outside of the petals.

Think about this: Our Wholesale To The Public Prices of all our fine jewelry means that you are buying fine jewelry as potential investments.

Natural Sapphire, Emerald & Diamond Ring in 18K

There is strong color play in this designer ring composed of an intense blue sapphire surrounded by emerald green and light-reflecting brilliant diamonds mounted on an 18K yellow gold band.

Sapphire, emerald, diamond ring

Close to 4.00 cts of precious gems adorn this unusual designer ring. The 2.65 ct center sapphire is a graceful marquise shape.

In recognition of women less fortunate than our customers, 10%of the sale of this ring will be donated to Hannah House in Washington, D.C., a shelter for homeless women and children.

Red Coral Pendant

Welcome spring, or any time of renewal, with a delicate teardrop pendant of red-orange coral topped by a twinkling 0.03 ct brilliant. Set in 14K yellow gold, this orangey-red coral pendant is a superb piece of striking, bold, fine jewelry.

Red Coral Pendant

Think about this: Our Wholesale To The Public Prices of all our fine jewelry means that you are buying fine jewelry as potential investments.

Jade Charm Bracelet

The delicate quality of jade carvings make them ideal for fashioning unusual fine jewelry items. In this instance, singular carved jade charms are suspended with jade hoops which are interspersed among large delicate green jade beads. This original jade charm bracelet is composed from top quality jade pieces -- each one unique and special -- and finished with a 14K white gold clasp.

Jade Charm Bracelet

As part of our program to help select non-profit organizations, a percentage of the sale of this special bracelet will benefit Hannah House in Washington, D.C., a shelter for homeless women and children.

Jewelry from Carved Gemstones: Lapis Lazuli Diamond Pin

Springtime is renewal time: buds on trees, flowers in full bloom.
And at this time of renewal, we proudly present new, unique, one-of-a-kind fine jewelry products: new two are alike and each piece of jewelry is composed of genuine gems -- no artificial, no man-made, no simulated jewelry, no faux, no fake, no plated. Just exquisite genuine gems, one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, priced at wholesale to the public.

Lapis lazuli carved brooch
The latest in a series of jewelry creations from gemstone carvings, this deep blue lapis lazuli carving of Queen Nefertiti -- at least that who we think this delicate beauty is -- has a diamond earring stud to further enhance the striking brooch.

Hand-carved from lapis lazuli originating in Afghanistan, the brooch was created from a carving that is at least 40 years old. A twinkling 0.07ct brilliant stud earring completes this
royal bijou set in 14K yellow gold.