Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bejeweled Bracelet and Necklace Clasps

Clasps can be a simple finding that closes and secures a bracelet or necklace. And often that is exactly the element that is needed to complete a piece of jewelry. Clasps may be for single, double, triple and more rows of pearls or gemstone beads. But a clasp may also be a jewelry element unto itself.

Singular clasps, often with gemstones and pearls, may be wrought in platinum, yellow gold or white gold. They may be whimsical, delicate pieces of art which compose the bracelet or necklace. Of course, unlike simple closures which are relegated to the back of the neck, the bejeweled clasp is often worn to be seen and therefore placed on the front or side.

It's all in the details, is so true particularly when relating to miniature works of art. And jewelry definitely falls into the miniature category.

multi-colored agate clasp

A close look at this finely detailed multi-colored agate clasp which is designed for two rows of pearls or beads, reveals precious fine points. A recently acquired estate piece, this 14K yellow gold clasp is a tiny work of art. The basket, filled with agate fruit in green, pink, orange and blue, is covered with a finely wrought woven basket handle. The bottom of the gold basket is studded with small Akoya pearls.

14K enamel and pearl clasp

A delicately wrought 14K yellow gold clasp in the shape of a flower, with turquoise and lapis enamel petals, surrounds an Akoya pearl. Flower petals are separated with a red ruby, for a total of eight (8) rubies. An estate piece from the 1960s, this fine highly colorful clasp would pair up well with double strands of lapis or turquoise beads, as well as with Akoya pearls, or gold beads!

opal and ruby clasp

Four iridescent Australian opals, two rubies, two blue sapphires, and one green emerald play across this flower-like gem arrangement in 14K yellow gold. The asymmetrical shape and textured gold render this clasp a stunning pendant when worn on the front of a 3-row necklace.