Wednesday, October 11, 2006

15mm South Sea Pearl Necklace

15mm Silver-White South Sea Pearl Necklace 18"
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Location: New York, NY
Lustrous silver-white South Sea pearl necklace held with a 11.5 mm 18K yellow gold ball studded with diamonds.# This magnificent graduated SILVER-WHITE South Sea necklace is composed of exotic slightly ridged oval pearls with high luster and thick nacre. Pearl size: 11.5 mm - 15 mm# Pearl color: Silver-white# Pearl shape: Slightly ridged, oval# Luster: High# Nacre: Thick# Length: 18"# No. pearls: 31# Clasp: 18K yellow gold ball studded with 114 diamonds.# Clasp size: 11.5 mm# Clasp diamonds: 114.# Clasp diamond weight: Total ct wt = 2.24 ct# Clarity: VS1# Color: G-H
Contact Information
Name: Judy
Phone: 800.847.8878
Asking Price: $17,500.00 per item
Seller Information: Established seller of fine and estate jewelry since 1910.
Payment Methods: Paypal, Check, Money Order
Flexibility: Firm
Quantity Available: 1
Condition: Excellent
Dimensions: 18" long
Type: Necklaces
Color: Silver white South Sea pearl necklace
Delivery Available: Yes
Manufacturer: Hand-strung on silk
Finish: Round, clean pearls